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How to felt a woolen Ball Carpet

How to felt a Woolen Carpet...


Watch also our video at YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUwC2e7Vgms)

When felting a woolen carpet you need hot water, some soap and a lot of muscle.
Most and former you need of course some wool. You can but carded wool in some specialized hobby shops.
Our favorit shop in Denmark is www.charlottebuch.dk

Ball carpet, Dori carpet or spiral dori carpet?

We have 3 types of felted carpets (or rugs if you like) which are suitable for making home.
We will give you the recipie here. 

Ball Carpet

Our Ball carpets are stitsched together of thousands of equaly small woolen balls.

So, if you choose a ball carpet, you must first start by felting balls.

They must be of same size, in order for the carpet to be even and nice to walk upon. The diameter of your balls determine the thickness of your rug. The bigger balls, the thicker rug.
The less balls, the more you need. Our carpets are around 1 cm thick and 120 cm in diameter. It makes around 2400 balls.

The colors you fully decide yourself, and it is exactly the color combinations that determines the final look of your carpet.

Making carpets of balls is an old technique, which has been known for many years.
You can find them in a lot of the local shops at the centre of Kathmandu.
Here is a couple of examples from Thamel. Don`t miss the town centre if you visit Kathmandu.
Even though it is noisy and crowded.

When you have finished felting your balls, you need to stitch them together to a full carpet.
Use a strong thread, so that your stitsching doesn`t break and your carpet falls apart.
Try to secure the stitching by lots of knots and fixing. 

Simply start from the middle and stitch it ball by ball, round and round, until the carpet has the size you want.


The colors you assemble as you go. If you work full time, you will probably finish after a week.

Have fun! 

Dori Carpet

Our largest standard carpets measure 120 x 220 cm, and they are made with small pieces of "dori", or rope as it is called in English.
Dori means rope in English, and that is exactly what you must start making for this type of carpet.

Role a long tube of carded wool in the color you like, and start felting it together to a 1 cm thick rope.
You can feel yourself when it is firm enough, so that it will not unwind and fall apart when you walk it.


When you have felted your rope, you cut it in pieces of 5 cm. Cut as many you can of each rope.
You can figure out how many pieces of 5 cm you need.
120 x 1 gives the number across. 220 : 5 gives the number on the length.

Remember though that the last row is only half the length, and that you might want to finish with a long dori around the whole edge.
When you have felted all your doris and cut them in pieces, you just need to stitch them together.
Again you need a strong thread, that doesn`t break, and again we advice to make a lot of knots and fixing. 

Our artisans can produce a carpet a week, if they are working together 2 at the time.

Have fun!

Dori Spiral Carpet

The final carpet we will give the recipie for, is probably the fastest one to make.

We call it the dori Spiral, since it is stitched in a spiral made of doris
We simply felt some rope in the thickness of a centimeter. Then we stitch them together in a spiral,
starting from the middle and finally forming a beatufil round carpet.

Our dori spiral carpet is probably the fastest one to make. Maybe you can do it in half a week, if you work full time.
How to felt a woolen Ball Carpet