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Why Wool?

Just shed it! - Don’t kill it! 

Wool is given us by nature and never exceeded in quality by any human made material. And, wool is a renewable and sustainable material which can be used without killing the animal.

Wool is a fantastic material!

Think about it...
No other fabric has the ability to absorb as much moist as wool, and no other fabric let’s your skin breathe so easily. Wool can absorp 10 times the amount of moist compared to in example polyester. We all know the feeling of a cold and wet synthetic stocking. A woolen sock will keep you dry and warm. Not alone does the wool insolate better, but it will even develop thermodynamic heat as it absorps the moist.

No other material offers such comfort for wearing. After all it is designed by nature to protect and cover skin - all year round. Thus it is also a sustainable material, which can be absorped by nature again after use.

Just ask any polar scientist or the Russian army which is still wearing woolen boots (they call them Valenki) at wintertime.

Wool can be shaped

If you card the wool and add hot water you can even shape the wool in three dimensional shapes. 

If you add soap water you enhance the process, just like when you incidentally wash your sweater and it shrinks to woollen felt. 

Shrink the wool around a shoe last. Add a sole and you have created a light and durable shoe that is so comfortable, that you will come back for a new pair, when you finally have worn them out.

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