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Containing Lanolin

Wool is self cleansing

Wool is the only textile fibre which has been worn directly next to the skin for more than two and a half million years - Made from skin, to work with skin.

The wool fibre is covered in alkaline salts and fat (lanolin) before it leaves the sheep’s skin follicle. This form a perfect coating that protects the fibre against sun, rain and wind.

No pollution can penetrate the fibre, but will all dirt will sit on the outside of the fibre. But it also has another function...

The alkaline salts combined with the lanolin forms the most pure and natural soap, when the sheep gets wet. So on a rainy day the sheep is simply washed and the wool is cleaned. In this way the animal can wear the same “clothes” for months without becoming dirty.

It also explain how you can clean the wool with nothing else but water, when you shed it of the animal. 
Since our wool is not cleaned using chemicals, it still contains lanolin (as well as small vegetable residues).

This also minimize static electricity. Static attracts lint, dirt and dust.

Wool is even resistant to mildew and mold by nature. The way wool repels moisture and lets moisture pass through its fibers without holding the moisture prevents mildew and moulds to grow.

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