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Easy to maintain


Since it is a natural product, some shedding from the woolen felt may occur the first few days. Just plug off the coarse fibers that are working their way out of the felt and dispose them. The shedding will soon stop. (If you want to utilize the fibers coming off, you can rub them together and make a small Navel Warmer:-)

Should your shoes get dirty you can clean them by brushing, or you can wash them. Because of the wools ability to shrink, your felted shoes must be washed carefully. Just wash them by hand in water below 30°C. Use a special detergent for wool or a normal shampoo.

You can spin dry them and place them on a flat towel for drying. We recommend that you put on your shoes just to get them back in shape before drying.

Warning! Washing is at your own risk! betterfelt.com is not responsible for special incidental, indirect or consequential damage resulting from washing.

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